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Like Minders was founded by Bryony Sullivan and Georgie Jones. From their years of working in the care sector, they understand what kind of care elderly people need; the kind of flexible care that can help people to stay independent for longer.

The service was borne from the fact that many people, for different reasons, are often unable to dedicate the time required to help elderly relatives and friends maintain their independence.

Our elderly care and companionship agency is based on the same values as our childcare one, safe, flexible and affordable care. Our aim is to maintain independence, dignity and privacy as people grow older.

Bryony works on the client side and helps everyone find their perfect carer or companion. She is dedicated to finding a solution for each and every family no matter what their needs are.

Georgie oversees the recruitment side, making sure that our high standards of recruitment are met and adhered to. She also monitors all the carer feedback so that we can consistently provide the best level of care.

Katherine is our Senior Manager and she also works on the client side. She is very happy to chat through any care requests. She has worked in the care sector for over 35 years and is passionate about helping older people maintain their independence while helping them to find their perfect companion.

Terri has over 30 years experience in the care sector and works on recruiting our lovely carers. She works closely with Katherine to ensure that we match the right carer to the right family.

We also have a team of lovely people in the office, who are more than happy to assist with any bookings, general queries, or marketing and PR enquiries.

If you’d like to ask us about anything please call us on 0844 879 7189 or email us.


Georgie Jones and Bryony Sullivan

Co Founders Like Minders

Judith is a great success and we are very happy with her.

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