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Temporary Nanny jobs

TEMP Nanny Share in Finsbury Park

28th Feb

Temp Nanny-part nanny share
28th Feb -15th March
4 days a week
Mon -1pm -6.30/7pm (3yrs)
Tues -8.30am -7pm (1yrs/3yrs/3yrs)
Wed – 1pm -6.30/7pm (3yrs)
Thurs -8.30am -7pm (1yr/3yrs/3yrs)
N7 Finsbury Park

Ref: TN770

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Two days a week in Regents Park

Mid Feb

Mid Feb for 3 mths
Tue and Fri
8.30am -6.30pm
21mths and Baby due early march (mum home so mainly care for 21mth old)
NW1 Regents Park

Ref: TN140

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Weekend Nanny in Belgravia


ASAP for 3 mths
Saturdays 12:00-18:00
Sundays 13:00-17:00
4yrs /2.5yrs/5 weeks old
SW1X Belgravia

Ref: TN170

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2/3 days a week in Highbury


ASAP for min 3 mths
2or 3 days a week (not Friday)
1pm - 6.30pm
3yrs and 23mths
N1 Highbury and Islington
Ideally (M-W or Tu-Thu)

Ref: TN195

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Afterschool in Battersea

25th Feb

25th Feb to 1st March
3.30pm -7pm
4yrs and 7yrs
SW11 Battersea

Ref: TN116

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Well presented, keen and anxious to help. We exchanged important information about needs and expectations on both sides. Very pleasant, with nice attitude and gentle manner with my mother

Elderly care client
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