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Temporary Nanny jobs

Temp Live in in St Moritz

21st December

Temp Live in Nanny
St Moritz in Switzerland
They want someone for 7-10 days between
21st December - 4th January- (dates they are away)
3 months and 23 months
Flights/accomadation/food all paid for

Ref: TN001

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Temp Nanny South Kensington/Suffolk

Dec 16th

Daily in South Kensington
Dec 16th - 23rd December.
3.5yrs + 2.5yrs
8/9am until 6/7pm or to be able to babysit until 12/12:30 pm for 3 of those nights
We will then drive up to Suffolk IP14 on the 20th Dec so Live in
own room and her own place to watch tv and a little kitchen.
On Mon 23rd in the morning they can get a train from Ipswich station back into London. (This will be paid for)

Ref: TN114

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Temp nanny in Fulham

27th November

Temp Nanny
Wed 27 Nov - 6pm-10pm
Thurs 28 Nov - 8am-12pm
Fri 29 Nov - 5pm-11pm
Sat 30 Nov - 5pm-11pm
7yrs and 4.5yrs
W6 Parsons Green
£11 per hour

Ref: TN690

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Temp Nanny in Mortlake

2nd Dec

2nd Dec to 18th Dec
Mon/ Tues/Wed
2yrs old
SW14 Mortlake station / Barnes Bridge
£11 per hour

Ref: TN148

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Temp Nanny in Stanford Brook

18th Feb 2020

18th , 25th Feb ,
3rd , 10th Mar
8am - 5.30pm
13mths old
W6 Stanford Brook

Ref: TN699

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Temp Nanny in Bayswater

Jan 7th 2020

Temp Nanny
Jan 7 - March 3
5pm -10pm
5yrs and 3yrs
W2 Bayswater

Ref: TN266

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Judith is a great success and we are very happy with her.

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