Our Nanny fees

  • Temporary Nanny fees from £11 per hour.
  • Permanent live in nanny fee from £450 per week (net)*
  • Permanent live out nanny fee from £12 per hour (net)*
  • Holiday nanny fee from £500 per week*
  • Live in temporary nanny fee from £450 per week*
  • 24 hour nanny fee is £165

(* nanny fees vary depending on the nanny’s experience)

Our Agency fees

For all permanent positions, the agency fee is the equivalent of 5 weeks of the nanny’s salary, plus VAT. Minimum fee £500. (We kindly ask that payments are received 7 days after invoicing).

For all other nanny placements, including any daytime nanny bookings, temporary nannies and holiday nannies, the agency fee is 20% of the nanny’s total fee, plus VAT. It is 35% for non members.

Nannies can be booked for members and for non members.


Opt for one of the following:

  • £99 per year
  • £30 per quarter
  • £12 per month (min. 2 months)

For Members, each evening babysitting booking is charged at £4.75 per booking (£8 for last minute bookings, made less than 12 hours before the start time). All daytime nanny roles will incur a 20% plus VAT agency fee.


Each evening babysitting booking is charged at £22 per booking (£25 for last minute bookings made less than 12 hrs the before the start time). All daytime nanny roles will incur a 35% plus VAT agency fee.

Payments for babysitting – recommended hourly fees should be paid directly to the nanny at the end of each booking:

  • Nanny rate – £9.50 per hour for evening babysitting.
  • Minimum booking time is 3 hours.
  • For Bank Holidays and Nanny shares the nanny rate should be x 1.5 the normal rate.

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