Our fees consist of a membership fee of £12 per month and a £4 booking fee. (Please see ‘Other Services’ below for information on fees for other types of childcare)


  • £7.50 per hour for evening babysitting
  • £8.50 per hour for daytime child care (before 6pm)

Our recommended hourly fees should be paid directly to the child carer at the end of each booking.

The minimum booking time is four hours.

Nanny share rates are 1.5 x the standard hourly fees (i.e. £11.25 per hour for evenings and £12.75 per hour for daytimes)

Agency Fees


  • £12 per month membership (minimum three months required)
  • £4 booking fee (£6 for last minute bookings, made within 12 hrs of the start time)
  • Three or more daytime bookings in one week are regarded as a ‘Temporary Nanny’ and therefore the agency rate is 20% + VAT of the total childcarer’s fee (25% + VAT for non members) .


  • £22 booking fee (£25 for last minute bookings made within 12 hrs the of start time)


Other Services:

Daytime Childcare  

  • Nanny rate £8.50 per hour
  • Agency fee £4 booking fee (£6 for last minute bookings, made within 12 hrs of the start time). This rate applies to ad hoc or recurring bookings with a maximum of two daytime bookings each week. (The agency fee is £22 per booking for non-members)
  • For three or more bookings in any week, the role is classified as a ‘part time nanny’ and can either be on a temporary or permanent basis. Please see below for more information.

Temporary Nannies 

  • Nanny rate £8.50 per hour
  • Agency fee 20% booking fee plus VAT  (25% for non-members plus VAT)

Holiday Nannies

  •  Nanny rate £500 for one week (Up to 45 hrs plus up to 16 hours of babysitting)
  • Nanny rate £900 for two weeks (and £400 per week thereafter)
  • Agency fee 20% booking fee plus VAT  (25% for non-members plus VAT)


If an agreement is reached where any babysitter or child carer introduced through Like Minders is then taken on in a permanent position (part time or full time), the agency is entitled to charge a finding fee equivalent to five weeks of the carer’s salary plus VAT.

For all Bank Holidays, we recommend that the child carer rates are 1.5 times the normal rate.

For Nanny shares, we recommend that the child carer rates are 1.5 times the normal rate.

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