Are all of the child carers police checked? Yes all of our child carers are DBS checked (Disclosure and Barring Service, formerly CRB) and over 21 years old.  We also have a very thorough screening process and always follow up on references.

How do I make a booking? Once you have filled out our simple registration form, you can make bookings online, by email, or just give us a call and we’ll do it for you. Once you have made your first booking with us, you will be able to use our app.

Can I have the same person each time I make a booking? We will always try and book your preferred child carer each time you make a booking. However, if they are not available, we will then try and find someone who you have had before. We understand the need for you and your children to have consistency. The more notice you can give us, the more chance we can book your favourite child carer. If you would like to make a regular booking each week then of course we can find you the same person.

How do I know when you have found someone? Once we have found a suitable child carer, we will send you an email confirming your booking with the name of the child carer, as well as the date and time of the booking. You will be sent a link so that you can view the child carer’s profile and find out some more information about them, their experience and their references. You can also view all of your bookings, both pending and confirmed on the app.

Will I be charged a booking fee even if you can’t find me someone? No, you would never be charged a booking fee if we could not find you someone. We only charge you once we have found you a suitable child carer.

How much notice do you need if I want to book a child carer or babysitter?
The more notice you can give us the better so that we can find your preferred child carer. However we will always try to facilitate those last minute bookings.

How do I pay the child carer? and what if a booking ends before or after the nearest hour.
You pay by cash or cheque at the end of the booking. We kindly ask that you round up the fee to the nearest half hour.

How do I pay Like Minders?
We take payment by debit/credit card through Sage Pay online payment processing. The membership fee is processed in advance and the booking fees are taken as and when you make a booking. You will always be emailed an invoice for your records. Please note we do not store any card details.

Do I need to pay for a taxi home for the babysitter? This is not necessary for bookings ending before midnight, but we kindly ask that you offer to pay for, or contribute towards, a taxi for bookings ending after midnight. Please note that we always try to book someone as local to you as possible to keep any taxi costs to a minimum on late bookings.

How much notice do you need if I want to cancel my booking and is there a fee?
The more notice you can give us the better so that we can find a replacement booking for that particular child carer. There is no fee owed to the child carer for cancellations made in advance. If you need to cancel the child carer within two hours of the booking start time we kindly ask that you pay them 1.5 hours of work as per the hourly rate (50% of our minimum time). If the child carer arrives at your home we kindly ask that you pay them the minimum amount of three hours. We do not refund the standard agency booking fees. For temporary and holiday nanny bookings we will refund 50% of the agency fee if the booking is cancelled before the start date.

Can I give feedback? Yes we really appreciate those who take the time to feedback on their experience with us, both good and bad. You are sent a feedback request each time you have a new child carer so you can let us know how your booking went. We always pass good feedback onto the child carer, and deal with any bad feedback in an appropriate way.

I need a temporary nanny, can I meet them beforehand? Yes, with all longer term bookings (including holiday nannies, school holiday nannies and regular bookings) we recommend that you interview, or skype interview the candidate. You will be able to view the online profiles of the suitable candidate/s beforehand so that you can decide whether you would like to meet with them. For last minute positions, we recommend a skype/phone interview. We kindly ask for payment details before meeting with any of our candidates, but you would only be charged if you decided to go ahead with the booking.

What happens if a child carer is hired on a permanent basis?
If an agreement is reached where a child carer is taken on in a permanent position by a family, whether part time or full time, the agency charges a finding fee equivalent to five weeks of the child carer’s net salary plus VAT. If the position does not continue for more than six weeks we will refund 50% of the finding fee.

Why is there a minimum booking of three hours?
We believe that three hours should be the minimum booking time as it will ensure that it is worthwhile for the child carer to give up their time.

I am a child carer and I want to apply for a DBS (formerly CRB).
We work with Onfido Background checks. If you would like to apply for a DBS please contact us and we will help you to apply for one.

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